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Certificate 2 in Furniture Making Pathways

Unit Code            Unit of Competency Name
MEM16006A       Organise and Communicate Information
MSFENV272        Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
MSFFM2001        Use Furniture Sector Hand and Power Tools
MSFFM2002        Assemble Furnishing Components
MSFFP2001         Undertake a Basic Furniture Making Project
MSFFP2002         Develop a Career Plan for the Furnishing Industry
MSFFP2003         Prepare Surfaces
MSFFP2004         Apply Domestic Surface Coatings
MSFFP2005         Join Furnishing Materials
MSFFP2006         Make Simple Timber Joints
MSFGN2001       Make Measurements and Calculations
MSMPCI103        Demonstrate Care and Apply Safe Practices at Work
MSMSUP106       Work in a Team

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