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Certificate 2 in Engineering Pathways

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Unit Code           Unit of Competency Name

MEM13015           Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering

MEMPE005A        Develop a career plan for the engineering and manufacturing industry

MEMPE006A        Undertake a basic engineering project

MSAENV272        Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

MSMSUP106       Work in a Team

MSAPCI101A        Adapt to work in industry

MEMPE007A        Pull apart and re-assemble engineering mechanisms

MEM16006          Organise and communicate information

MEM16008           Interact with computing technology

MEM18002          Use power tools/hand held operations

MEM18001          Use hand tools

MEMPE001A        Use engineering workshop machines

MEMPE002A        Use electric welding machines

MEMPE003A        Use oxy-acetylene and soldering equipment

MEMPE004A        Use fabrication equipment

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