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All qualifications and units of competency delivered by CompAP have been developed by consultation with the Department of Education and Training via the National Register of VET -


Qualification and unit of competency requirements have been carefully analysed and all theory within units and associated testing can be mapped to the Unit of Competency guidelines and the Elements and Performance Criteria contained within each Unit of Competency.

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Training & Theory


For each Unit of Competency, there will be an online theory package. This package will discuss and explain all mandatory aspects of the associated unit, and will provide real world examples for students to aid understanding. Students can read through this theory at their own pace and gain knowledge about the topic.

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Exam questions are directly related to the theory reading already completed. 

Questions include multiple choice, true/false, short response and matching terms to definitions. These questions have been specifically designed to test student knowledge of the theory. 

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Student test results are recorded. You will be able to see how long your students spent viewing the theory unit as well as completing the associated test.

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