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CompAP has a two-tier pricing structure.

School Pricing

Schools will be charged an annual fee for use of the CompAP software and hosting of student information.

This fee includes storage of student data, configuration of your school site and access to regularly updated information in conjunction with

Unit Pricing

CompAP charge a small fee per student, per unit of each qualification. Each student is charged only for the units they complete. For example, a student who completes Certificate 1 in Furnishing will be charged for 8 individual units, however a student who exits the course after 1 semester may only be charged for 4 individual units.

Your school will be sent an invoice each semester for the number of students who are enrolled with CompAP. The theory behind this is that the students pay for their own theory units, however each school will have their preferred method of collecting this money from students for payment.

Contact me via phone or email for full pricing information.

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