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What does CompAP look like?

Contact me now to trial the Test Student platform.

View the program the way that your student's will see each page of theory and trial the range of questioning techniques.

Theory Pages

Students access theory pages for each unit within a course.

They can read through the associated theory, relevant to each element of the range statement.

Audible Text option

Students who need a little extra assistance with literacy can use the audible feature on the theory and listen to the text. We want all students to be able to access the information in the way that suits them best.

Range of Questioning Techniques

Not just multiple choice! Students will work through a range of questioning techniques including:

  • True or False

  • Matching images to names/labels

  • Mathematical calculations

  • Completing blanks in paragraphs

  • Multiple choice

  • Dragging labels into diagrams

Questions shuffle between attempts to create a rigorous questioning platform.​

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